WACK Auditions 2019 – The End Of Day 1

After a short journey the 28 girls arrived at the island, a few photos were taken of the group and they moved off to their lodging area. Once inside Watanabe explained the rules of the audition.

He also explained the point system, introduced the tail stealing game (always a favorite of the viewers and explained that whoever get first place in the daily vote ranking would be immune from dismissal except for ウ・ンコ (U Nko), I did not catch the reason for this though.

The girls were then split into 4 teams of 7 each lead by a WAgg girl.

Team 1

  • マリン・バ (Marin Ba)
  • ウルウ・ル (Uruu Ru)
  • オキタユア (Okita Yua)
  • フィフスサマーウイカ (Fifth Summer Uika)
  • セントチヒロノイモウト (Cent Chihiro no Imouto)
  • ドンドン (DonDon)
  • ナルハワールド (Naruhaworld)

Team 2

  • ハナエモンスター (Hanaemonster)
  • ウタウウタ (Utauuta)
  • ウ・ンコ (U Nko)
  • パンダ・ルナリーフィ (Panda Luna Leafy)
  • 太陽ノライオン (Taiyou no Lion)
  • ゴミヤ・ガキ (Gomiya Gaki)
  • バシヤスメ・アツコ (Bashiyasume Atsuko)

Team 3

  • アンズピア (Anzupia)
  • パー・ルイ (Paa Lui)
  • ポリ・ウブ (Pori Ubu)
  • キイロコ・バンパイア (Kiiroko Vampire)
  • テラヤマユフ (Terayama Yufu)
  • ミャークラブ (Myaclub)
  • カリン・トウ (Karin Tou)

Team 4

  • サアヤイト (Sayaito)
  • アユノ・B (Ayuno B)
  • モモチハマカンパニー (Momochi Hama Company)
  • チン・パーティン・ココ (Chin Partin Coco)
  • アイノ・ジ・エンド (Aino the End)
  • パルナ・パッ・チーン (Paruna Pa Chiin)
  • ムイ・ガ・ドクソン (Mui Ga Dockson)

Each team would practice BiSH – BiSH-星が瞬く夜に for performance the next day. At about 18:00 Watanabe had individual interviews with the girls which lasted about 5 minutes each.

Dinner was served at about 19:30 (I did not see this, I do have to sleep sometime)

After dinner the interviews were finished and then all candidates were given a WACK knowledge quiz. At 21:30 the days results were given and daily results were announced.

The voting ended up like this.

Audience votes

1. ウ・ンコ (U Nko)(2245 votes)
2. セントチヒロノイモウト (Cent Chihiro no Imouto)(1945 votes)
3. 太陽ノライオン (Taiyou no Lion)(1782 votes)
4. モモチハマカンパニー (Momochi Hama Company)(1464 votes)
5. チン・パーティン・ココ (Chin Partin Coco)(1348 votes)
6. キイロコ・バンパイア (Kiiroko Vampire)(1087 votes)
7. フィフスサマーウイカ (Fifth Summer Uika)(1076 votes)
8. テラヤマユフ (Terayama Yufu)(1061 votes)
9. アユノ・B (Ayano B)(895 votes)
10. パンダ・ルナリーフィ (Panda Luna Leafy)(848 votes)
11. オキタユア Okita Yua)(823 votes)
12. ムイ・ガ・ドクソン (Mui Ga Dockson)(809 votes)
13. パルナ・パッ・チーン (Paruna Pa Chin)(611 votes)
14. バシヤスメ・アツコ (Bashiyasume Atsuko)(560 votes)
15. ゴミヤ・ガキ (Gomiya Gaki)(485 votes)
16. ポリ・ウブ (Pori Ubu)(473 votes)
17. パー・ルイ (Paa Lui)(434 votes)
18. ミャークラブ (Myaclub)(431 votes)
19. カリン・トウ (Karin Tou)(413 votes)
20. ドンドン (DonDon)(376 votes)
21. アイノ・ジ・エンド (Aino The End)(307 votes)

Tawareko WACKSHOP votes

1. ウ・ンコ (U Nko)(not immune from dismissal, even in first place)
2. セントチヒロノイモウト (Cent Chihiro no Imouto)(immune from dismissal)
3. バシヤスメ・アツコ  (Bashiyasume Atsuko)

The voting results were tallied and combined with quiz points and other various items. The girls that were up for dismissal were.

・モモチハマカンパニー (Momochi Hama Company)
・パンダ・ルナリーフィ (Panda Luna Leafy)
・カリン・トウ (Karin Tou)
・ウ・ンコ (U Nko)

They could redeem themselves and stay in the auditions if in the morning they could make Watanabe laugh and spit out his milk within 15 seconds. This would take place at 6:00 am, but I will give the results to you as part of this report.

None of the girls were able to complete the task and all 4 were dismissed.


Watch here from March 23rd: https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv318959031

Watch here from March 27th: https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv318959045

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