WACK Auditions 2019 – The End Of Day 3

Dinner was eaten and then there was another round of one on one interviews. After that they went off to practice for tomorrows performances.

They all then gathered for an academic test (results will be announced tomorrow) and then Watanabe opened the voting polls. The results of the voting was as follows.


1. ムイ・ガ・ドクソン (Mui Ga Dockson)
2. 太陽ノライオン (Taiyou no Lion)
3. テラヤマユフ (Terayama Yufu)
4. セントチヒロノイモウト (Cent Chihiro no Imouto)
5. パルナ・パッ・チーン (Paruna Pa Chiin)
6. フィフスサマーウイカ (Fifth Summer Uika)
7. アユノ・B (Ayuno B)
8. バシヤスメ・アツコ (Bashiyasume Atsuko)
9. ポリ・ウブ (Pori Ubu)
10. オキタユア (Okita Yua)
11. ドンドン (DonDon)
12. キイロコ・バンパイア (Kiiroko Vampire)
13. アイノ・ジ・エンド (Aino the End)

The winner of the WACK shop immunity vote was: セントチヒロノイモウト (Cent Chihiro no Imouto).

Today’s members up for elimination were:

・マリン・バ (Marin Ba)
・ウタウウタ (Utauuta)
・アユノ・B (Ayuno B)
・アイノ・ジ・エンド (Aino the End)
・ポリ・ウブ (Pori Ubu)

The winner of the card game 大貧民 will be allowed to stay.

Watch here from March 23rd: https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv318959031

Watch here from March 27th: https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv318959045


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