I hope you are all have your wallets ready. Tomorrow is the day that VOIDHYMN comes out on vinyl. If you are a fan of good music, vinyl in general or the group itself, you do not want to miss out on this. It goes on sale at 8 am (Paris time) on the 26th of April. There is also some extra goodies for those of you that are quick to buy when they go on sale.

Since I already talked about the release when it first came out I won’t rehash the basics of it. Here is a link to my original story: Impression: NECRONOMIDOL – VOIDHYMN

What I will talk about is the details of this version of the release. First off, thank you to Specific Recordings for sending me a copy….. and the long journey it had to get to me. I will just say that the packing they do is first rate because my delivery got beat up pretty bad and the contents were still in very good condition.

The sleeve itself is great. Solid construction from good materials. I don’t foresee any ring wear on this one. The jacket art in the same as the original which is done by Suehiro Maruo (who also did the cover of NEMESIS). The back is all new, and I believe it was designed by Jennie Zakrzewski (one half of the team that runs Specific). The jacket in general is layout well and easy to read, it will last for a long, long time with even an attempt at proper treatment.








The vinyl is on 180 gram vinyl and it is spectacular, my copy is a light, translucent slightly marbled purple. The sound quality is awesome. I have spun it a few times and it sounds great, very clean with almost no surface noise. The mastering engineer, Julien Louvet is really a master of his craft (as evidenced by all the Specific releases I own). The sound is crisp and lively, this will now be my go to copy for listening, the CD and digital are relegated to backup status.


On a whole this release stands up to the high quality on expects from Specific and I look forward to more releases from them in the future.

Oh, I almost forgot about the special goodies. Specific is also will be selling limited edition tote bags designed by Jennie Zakrzewski. The number available is very limited 50 in Black and only 20 in grey. I am looking to pick one up. They look about the right size to carry around a nice stack of records.

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Use the link to their band camp below to order, there is no direct link yet as none of this is up for sale until the 26th.

Official websites


Specific Recordings:

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