NECRONOMIDOL – 「scions of the blasted heath」Release Information

I know there are a few of you out there that have been waiting for this information. Ever since the announcement of this EP on April 30th I most certainly have been waiting for details. Now we have them.

Here are the details that I have.

NECRONOMIDOL – 「scions of the blasted heath」

Release: June 12th, 2019
Price: ¥1300 (plus tax)

Track list

  1. salem
  2. phantasmagoria cosmos
  3. the festival
  4. children of the night
  5. lament configuration

D6xW_7zV4AEDgYl (1)

You may notice a few of the artist that penned the musical compositions.

Kei Toriki – SALEM
Previously wrote psychopomp, END OF DAYS, RL’YEH and thanatogenisis.

マリアンヌ東雲(キノコホテル) – phantasmagoria cosmos
First composition for the group.

ゼロツ – the festival
Previously wrote WITCHING HOUR and SAMHAIN.

TAKERU – children of the night
Previously wrote dirge of baldr.

OKAYAN(ドリルパープル) – lament configuration
Previously wrote 4.7L, STARRY WISDOM and les tenebres sans visage.


As far as I am concerned the 12th of June cannot get here soon enough.

Official Website:

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