NECRONOMIDOL – 「scions of the blasted heath」 – Impressions

June 12th is almost here which mean you will be able to get your hands on what I am listening to as I write this, NECRONOMIDOL – 「scions of the blasted heath」, the next offering from Japan’s premier ultradark idol group.

Of course you all know I am a huge fan of this group so it is hard for me to be 100% objective, therefore I will just give you my impression of this up coming release.

First off, this production on this release is on point as far as I am concerned. The vocals are not lost at all in the mix and nothing is muddy or buried. The girls really deliver vocally on this release. You also hear everything instrumentally, which is a great thing in the modern day.

I guess I will get into the tracks now. Of course these are just impressions, as I am admittedly not very good at writing these things. Take these with a grain of salt.

Here we go.

SALEM – Well, I really hate to do this, but if I had to pick a weak track for this release it would be this one. There is nothing bad about the track itself but it you listen to a lot of NECRONOMIDOL, you will probably agree that this is cut and paste Kei Toriki. He is a good composer but I think he is a bit hesitant to try new things so he start to get a bit stale. Vocally and musically this song is great, it just goes on a bit long and for me doesn’t end up any where.

phantasmagoria cosmos – I heard this one originally during one of the group’s lives that popped up on YouTube. It was not the greatest audio recording, most fan footage isn’t, so this one really surprised me. Playful and cheery sounding and the bass guitar really jumps out and grabs you. What a great musical track from マリアンヌ東雲 of Kinoko Hotel. All around this track is super solid.

the festival – The carnival like intro really sets the feel for this track then it just takes off. Now if you have ever read the story this is based upon, the song, to me, does have the same sort of feeling. Dark, with a touch of mystery and apprehension. I really hope they make an MV for this one. I wonder if it would be similar to the one playing in my mind as I listen.

CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT – All I can say about this track is: WOW. Musically this thing gallops along at a good pace. The vocals on this track are great, and in a rare case for almost any Japanese idol group…. in full, understandable English. Catchy chorus, powerful verses. Great all around.

LAMENT CONFIGURATION – This track comes in hard from left field and I was not really prepared for it. It is sort of in the vein of the intro song for some sort of space opera anime musically, something that feels like it belongs to Macross or Space Battleship Yamato. Again, the chorus on this one is super catchy. A really strong closing track in my opinion.

Once again, overall this release is super solid both musically and vocally. Highly recommended.

There you have it. My thoughts about this upcoming release. Maybe you will understand what I was trying to convey or maybe it is all just a bunch of nonsense. I guess you will just have to listen and judge for yourself. I can assure any fan of NECRONOMIDOL, you will not be disappointed.

Here is the actual release information.

NECRONOMIDOL – 「scions of the blasted heath」

Release: June 12th, 2019
Price: ¥1300 (plus tax)

Track list

  1. SALEM
  2. phantasmagoria cosmos
  3. the festival

D6xW_7zV4AEDgYl (1)

Composing credits

SALEM (Kei Toriki – psychopomp, END OF DAYS, R’LYEH, thanatogenesis)

phantasmagoria cosmos (Marianne Shinonome of Kinoco Hotel)

the festival (Zero-2 – WITCHING HOUR, SAMHAIN)

CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT (Takeru – dirge of baldr)

LAMENT CONFIGURATION (Okayan – les tenebres sans visage, STARRY WISDOM, 4.7L)

Official Website:


Digital tracks [available on June 12th]:

English lyrics will be available on my fansite,, on release date.

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