NECRONOMIDOL – 「scions of the blasted heath」Vinyl Release information

It has been a while since I wrote anything here, but I did say that when something that I thought was important came up I would let you all know. Well, that has happened. Specific Recordings has announced the details of their vinyl release of  NECRONOMIDOL -「scions of the blasted heath」.

NECRONOMIDOL -「scions of the blasted heath」

D6xW_7zV4AEDgYl (1)


Release: December 6th, 2019
Price: €15.00

Track list

  1. SALEM
  2. phantasmagoria cosmos
  3. the festival

The black, single sided, laser etched 12″ will be limited to 300 pressings.

Specific will start sales on the December 6th, 2019 (no pre-orders) on their bandcamp page: NECRONOMIDOL -「scions of the blasted heath」


If you would like to read my impressions of this release you can find them here: NECRONOMIDOL – 「scions of the blasted heath」 – Impressions


Official Website:


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