The Site is Changing: Details Concerning Sounds On The Sound

I have always had a diverse musical taste, which probably contributed to my great fondness for idol music. I the past few months I have been rediscovering all the old music I had put to the side in a dusty corner. I am now cleaning it all off and dragging it back out into the light. This website revamp is part of that. I have decided to expand my coverage of music to cover the many, many types and styles that I find enjoyable. Perhaps you will also find something new or rediscover something you had forgotten about. Below I will detail what I am trying to do.

Firstly, I am changing this site to cover all the music that I find enjoyable. This will cover a lot of stuff, from black metal to pop punk to blues and even marching music. Heck, I might even toss in a bit of rap from time to time. The coverage will take place on several social media platforms.

This website
I will write articles on items of interest such as matrix etchings on vinyl records, short histories of record labels, write-ups on other small things that I find interesting. I will also write about upcoming releases I find interesting.

I will post videos on new arrivals to the music collection. This includes cassettes, CDs, records of all types, equipment and possibly even books on or about various aspects of music. I am also planning on having chats and interviews with local musicians in my area. Details on this when I can work it out with individual musicians.

I will, of course, be posting photos of all the new arrivals to the collections.

I will post announcements of new articles and videos as well as have interactions with my 10s of fans/followers around the globe.

I am really excited to get this going and hope to record my first video this weekend.

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