The Site is Changing: Details Concerning Sounds On The Sound

I have always had a diverse musical taste, which probably contributed to my great fondness for idol music. I the past few months I have been rediscovering all the old music I had put to the side in a dusty corner. I am now cleaning it all off and dragging it back out into the light. This website revamp is part of that. I have decided to expand my coverage of music to cover the many, many types and styles that I find enjoyable. Perhaps you will also find something new or rediscover something you had forgotten about. Below I will detail what I am trying to do.

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WACK Auditions 2019 – Beginning Of Day 7

The girls up for elimination this morning were ドンドン (DonDon),  太陽ノライオン (Taiyou no Lion) and ムイ・ガ・ドクソン (Mui Ga Dockson). Whoever could do the most squats to the song パプリカ would remain in the auditions. The results were as follows.

  1. ドンドン (DonDon) – 153 squats
  2. 太陽ノライオン (Taiyou no Lion) – 135 squats
  3. ムイ・ガ・ドクソン (Mui Ga Dockson) – 114 squats

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