Boy, it sure has been dead in the idol world when it comes to new for the past couple weeks. Garry, Terry and John manage to scrape together enough to put on a pretty good show this week. We did have some technical difficulties during the live broadcast but you fine folks listening to the VOD don’t have to worry about that.

In the news this week:

  • BiSH announce details of their latest concert DVD release.
  • Yukueshirezutsurezure announce the impending departure of Cococo.
  • OTOTOY interview Junnosuke Watanabe ahead of EMPiRE’s debut.
  • Broken By The Scream announce new mini-album “SCREAMING RHAPSODY”.
  • Pour Lui fails her DiET or DiE challenge and is suspended from BiS indefinitely.
  • BABYMETAL hold a lottery for a very limited edition item of merchandise.
  • Malcolm Mask McLaren announce a new single and a one-man live.
  • REGiNA KiSS announce a “Best Of” album.
  • Steam Girls preview new song “sexy☆rabbit”.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from BiS, Namennayo Harajuku, 2& and Kami Geki SHINGEKI.

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The Alt Idol Podcast Ep.14: DEAD and BERRiED

Garry, Terry and John are back for the next installment of the worlds greatest (only) English language alternative idol podcast in the world. We do some talking about the news, look at some MVs, the usual stuff. Sit back and enjoy.

In the news this week:

  • Candye♡Syrup are the new kids on the block.
  • Bonnou Paradox gets a new member.
  • Mimoto Tomomi and Miyu Yuki are leaving Hachimitsu★Emperor.
  • AIBECK release 4 new songs on SoundCloud.
  • DOPING BERRY are breaking up and STRAWBERRY SYNDROME are losing a member and going on hiatus.
  • BiS member Pour Lui concludes her “DiET or DiE” challenge.
  • BABYMETAL are announced as the “2nd headliner” of the SUMMER SONIC festival.
  • GANG PARADE unveil the jacket covers and new visuals for their upcoming “Beyond the Mountain” single.
  • Former Guso Drop member and current 2& soloist Saki announces that she isn’t an Idol anymore and is cutting down on chekis with fans.
  • BiSH member Aina the End will be contributing an ending theme for the anime “18if”.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from Artema Doll, You’ll Melt More!, DaiDaiDai and Maison book girl.

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Multiple audio formats available of all our podcasts at

Alt Idol Podcast Episode 1: Technical Difficulties

Well folks, here it is, the first in a line of many podcasts. Your humble hosts, Terry (Ramenshuriken), Garry (Idol is SHiT) and yours truly, John (Straight From Japan), do our best to bring you the news and other happenings from the world of alt idol. I think we do a pretty good job for a bunch of first timers, of course you will have to be the real judge. So put on your seat belts, it is sort of a bumpy ride.

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Saki Recording New 2& Release -UPDATED-

Saki is currently in the studio working on her up coming release. It will be available on March 11, 2017 at Saki’s birthday live.

Here she is recording the tracks ちっぽけヒーロー and 3分