During NECRONOMIDOL’s US West Coast Tour, I was able to have a quick sit down with Ricky and the girls for a bit of chatting. I will tell you, the girls are pretty open and a real joy to talk with. And of course, Ricky is an absolute gem of a person. What follows is a transcription of the audio of that chat. Unfortunately the audio was not good enough to put out to the public, sorry about that.

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Idol Chatter: GARUDA

A new feature for the page, interviews. Lets see how this goes.

GARDUDA is an act headed by an idol named Yuffie. I came across her some time ago when she liked one of the stories I did in my “That Is New To Me” feature. So I decided to see what she had to offer. I was not disappointed. Since then we have had several pleasant exchanges via social media and I finally decided to ask if she would give an interview. She agreed and the following is the result. I will admit I am not the best at interviews and I do get help from some folks in the shadows, namely Kris. Lets see how it all turned out.

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