The Alt Idol Podcast Ep. 36: PAiNT it BLACK to the dreamlight

Only a one week break and we are back. It seems there was a slight audio issue, but nothing you all can’t handle. So, come listen for all that news and stuff.

  • All of the fallout from the recent WACK auditions.
  • It’s finally all over for Checkmate.
  • Gokigen Teikoku announce further auditions for both their man group and Gokigen 2nd.
  • Gokigen 2nd announce their first official member.
  • Kaqriyo Terror Architect are also auditioning for new members.
  • EMPiRE release their debut album “THE EMPiRE STRiKES START!!” on iTunes for 300 yen for 24 hours only.
  • Living Dead I Dolls are getting rebooted.
  • It’s April 1st in Japan and a bunch of Idols got in on the action.
  • Gokigen Teikoku announce details of their second digital single “Uretai Capriccio”.
  • sora tob sakana announce details of their upcoming “Alight EP”.
  • Oyasumi Hologram to release second acoustic live album “0118”.
  • Yanakoto Sotto Mute release “2nd Oneman “echoes” Live @Akasaka Blitz” on digital, DVD and Blu-ray.
  • Neuchan previews new song “0328”.
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei da preview new song “Tonari Corata Arata”.
  • Oyasumi Hologram preview new song “COLORS”.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from DIABLE VOIX, THERE THERE THERES, BiSH, Shingeki, Screaming Sixties feat The Heanacat and EMPiRE.

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I guess it was our one year anniversary and since we don’t pay attention to such things we sort of missed it. It was still a good show with special guest Derek Vasconi talking about the past and future. I also think we had our highest live viewership to date.

In the news this week:

  • LADYBABY unveil their new line-up.
  • Tickets go on sale for NECRONOMIDOL’S UK tour with Screaming Sixties and 2&.
  • MIGMA SHELTER lose a member, gain a new leader and open auditions for new recruits.
  • cyberMINK preview new song “O”.
  • Oyasumi Hologram preview Hole Of My Underground (BAND DEMO ver.).

We also our thoughts on MVs from Yukueshirezutsurezure, Alloy and BiS.

We then open the floor to Derek who tells us a little about himself before we discuss all aspects of organizing NECRONOMIDOL’s US tour, their upcoming European tour, Derek’s plans for his EAST MEETS WEST MUSIC FEST and whole bunch more.

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I know a lot of you out there have been waiting for this information. Now this is only for the UK shows so any other European date information will come later. I guess there is no reason to stall anymore. The other groups the will be with NECRONOMIDOL are The Screaming Sixties and 2& (Double And). I am sure you have all heard of them, if not I will provide links to their socials after I give the tour information.

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The Alternative Idol Podcast Ep.12: Fox Festival of the Void

We are really on a roll now, 6 weeks in a row…… feels good. Garry, Terry and John are back with all the idol news you want to hear, maybe some you don’t. There sure was a lot to talk about so let’s get on with it.

In the news this week:

  • You’ll Melt More!, BiS and Yukueshirezutsurezure all announce new singles.
  • Checkmate and Zekkyou Suru 60-do announce mini-albums.
  • Zenbu Kimi no Sei da announce updated versions of their past 2 studio albums, plus preview Togaren’s solo song
  • Broken By The Scream hit the recording studio.
  • Official details of NECRONOMIDOL’s European tour are announced.
  • BABYMETAL announce details of their “Big Fox Festival”.
  • Kikukawa Yukino suspends her activities with Alloy due to health reasons.
  • Mistress gain a new member, plus announce “MistFest” festival.
  • BiSH preview 2 songs from their upcoming “GiANT KiLLERS” release.

We also share our thoughts on MVs from DEADLIFT LOLITA, Yamiame and CLOCK & BOTAN.

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Screaming Sixties: Here Comes Some Good Stuff

I love 絶叫する60度 (aka Screaming Sixties), and I have really been waiting for them to release something new. We knew this was coming, the question was when.  Well, I will let Maniac do the heavy lifting on this one.

When we last checked in on Screaming Sixties, Zekkyou had just won a big ol’ idoling contest by being that much cooler than the competition. But when we last checked in on them before that, they were gearing up for a joint album and tour doodad with I love you Orchestra (as opposed to their…

via I’m More Than Ready for Zekkyou’s Album with I love you Orchestra — Homicidols

You can pre-order now: 絶叫する60度×I love you Orchestra – 剥

Rarities: Screaming Sixties – Utsusemi no Hana / Dai Sanji Botchi Sensou

This is the first in a series of short articles highlighting some of the rarer CDs that I have been able to acquire in my days of collecting. I will try to give as much information as I have been able to find on these item. Some of these will be very sparse on information as the only information available is on the disk itself or its contents.

Our first CD will be 絶叫する60度 – 空蝉の花 / 大惨事ぼっち戦争. This CD was released by Dead or Sing Records on August 1st, 2015 as a venue only exclusive and was limited to 1000 copies. It was released to commemorate the groups one year anniversary.

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Screaming Sixties DVD on the Way

When it comes to energetic alt idol acts there are two that immediately come to mind, 偶想Drop and 絶叫する60度 (Screaming Sixties). Well, one of the two is producing a DVD…. Screaming Sixties.

Over the last four months they have been on a mini tour to the three Club Quattro locations, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. During the tour they have been backed by a live band, which for some reason is not 6% is Mine (their usual backing band).

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